Girls Helping Girls. Period. Provides a Years Supply of
Feminine Hygiene Products to IFPO Clients

Emma, Quinn & Elise Joy of Girls Helping Girls. Period.

On August 9, our remarkable partner

Girls Helping Girls. Period. came to IFPO to provide our clients with a year's supply of feminine hygiene products. 

Girls and women around the world often miss work and school because they can't afford basic necessities like tampons and pads, items not covered under SNAP (food stamps). GHG.P.'s efforts means families are not forced to cut back on these basic health items, and not forced to choose among other critical purchases.

Women in the US spend $75-$125 a year on feminine hygiene products. GHG.P. collects unopened boxes of products and distributes them to people in need through food pantries, schools systems and outreach programs. At IFPO, over 180 clients received a full year's supply of products, packed in a reusable backpacks. That's roughly $20,000 worth of products our clients received through GHG.P.!

IFPO is a leader among pantries, recognizing menstrual inequality as an important health issue. IFPO has also partnered with The National Council of Jewish Women, Essex County's (NCJWEssex)The Period.Project and  P.E.O. International, a philanthropic organization focused on providing educational opportunities for women. For more on these efforts, read here. 

October, 2017

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