Innovative Diabetes Program Offered at IFPO Aims to Help Eradicate Diabetes

Program participants received bananas, sweet potatoes, onions and cabbage as their produce allocation in early January.

The IFPO is proud to be a participant in an initiative of Summit Medical Group Foundation  and The Community FoodBank of NJ (CFB) called "Food, Health & Hope: An Answer to Diabetes." 


28% of the people served by the CFB are estimated to have a household member with diabetes. Individuals who tested positive for pre-diabetes or diabetes through a free medical screenings at the IFPO were then offered the opportunity to enroll in this special program. 


These clients are given nutrition counseling and medical education, further medical screenings, and twice a month they receive, in addition to their regular IFPO food allotment, special food boxes containing fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and other nutritious food appropriate for people with diabetes. The program will study whether providing this healthy food, education and medical screenings will impact people's health.


We have 42 clients currently enrolled in this program. Our clients are delighted to be part of this program, which provides extra healthy food and produce. One program client told us that, as she is currently unemployed, receiving this food from the program means that she can make good nourishing meals that are better for her health. 

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